Director Ridley Scott and writers Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts, not to mention the rest of the film’s cast and crew have been tight lipped and security conscious in keeping Prometheus plot details under wraps, so with just a few months to go, there’s still a ton of questions about a lot of the film. One thing that was made very clear from the start is that the space jockey from Alien will somehow be involved, and probably have a great “Oh shit” moment. Now we’ve got visual confirmation from the still above that was just released from the movie’s production team. 

Can you see it? In the background of the photo, to the left of Noomi Rapace, two space suits, are visible. Now the scale seems to show those two suits are human size and not the giant seated version we saw in Alien. We’ll have to wait until the summer release to find out exactly how the sapce jockeys figure into the film, but this is an interesting glimpse at what’s to come.

Thanks to the guys over at BasssDigest, we have this lightened up picture so you can see the suits in the background in the updated picture below.

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