The Year of Dinklage Continues!

Peter Dinklage continued his year of glory by winning the Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe for his role of Tyrion Lannister on HBO’s The Game of Thrones. This award is pretty much the cherry on top of the year of Dicklage, an Emmy, a new daughter (no news release on name yet), and now the Golden Globe.

The other nominees were Paul Giamatti (“Too Big to Fail”), Guy Pearce (“Mildred Pierce”), Tim Robbins (“Cinema Verite”) and Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”).

Dinklage even mentioned in his acceptance speech that his mom thought Pearce would win, adding that she’d encouraged him to “go and have fun.” His acceptance speech is below, the actor also thanked his adorable wife Erica and that his recently born daughter was spending her first night with a baby sitter, but he wasn’t sure who was more nervous about it. Of course Peter also thanked the production team behind the HBO hit series.

As the music started to signal the end of his acceptance speech time limit Peter mentioned the name that would almost instantly shoot to the top trending position on Twitter, Goggle, and other social networking sites.

“I want to mention a gentleman I’m thinking about in England. His name is Martin Henderson – Google him.”

Henderson, a fellow dwarf actor, is now facing life in a wheelchair after he was attacked by a drunken stranger outside a Pub because of his height. The attack occurred in October last year, but recent reports indicate Henderson’s condition has been deteriorating for the past weeks, which would explain why Dinklage mentioned him in his speech.

Of course, Peter wanted to draw attention to this and other vile and unprovoked attacks, which are almost always caused by discrimination and unfounded hatred and sterotypes towards short people.

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