It seems every few years, someone starts talking about making a movie based on the beloved comic book Bone, this time it’s the dude that made ABC’s Greek, Patrick Smith. According to Heat Vision Warner Bros. has hired him to write the script and P.J. Hogan will sit in the directors chair. Well, if they are naming names it has to be happening, right?

For the uninitiated, Bone was created by Jeff Smith and was published between 1991 and 2004. It’s the tale of 3, um, white human looking thingys ( the genuine Fone, the goofy Smiley and the greedy Phoney) who have adventures in a strange valley after being forced out of their hometown and it’s been in development hell for ever.

Justin Monjo and Hogan have both previously written scripts for the project and really that is about all that’s ever happened. It’ll be a tough sell I think, the weird (and really far to witty and great for the average movie exec to grasp) little comic will have a hard time staying true to itself if it moves to the big screen. IF it happens, I fear it will get turned into some second rate smurf knock-off. Of course I am just speculating, hopefully we get some more solid news soon.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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