In wake of the success of Chronicle, ($12 million to produce and rakes in $105 million domestically) Fox has hired the film’s screenwriter Max Landis to get a sequel started. 

The first film that starred Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan, who played three high school friends that accidentally obtained telekinetic superpowers. Their lives start going out of control on a downward spiral as their friendship is tested and one begins to explore the darker side of his powers and takes his anger out on innocent people. His friends are forced to stop him. 

The end of the film was left wide open for a sequel, so there is plenty of room for Landis to work with. The first film was entertaining, and with Landis writing the sequel should be just as fun. Let’s hope that they ditch the found footage camera style the second time around. 

What are your thoughts on Landis taking on Chronicle 2? Are you looking forward to seeing a sequel?

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