Women are from Venus, but Beaker is from….Mars? Ok, maybe Beaker can’t be confirmed as a “Martian”, but that won’t stop Professor Honeydew from putting Beaker first in line to volunteer his services as a test subject.  In 2004, NASA acheived a great feat for the science community by landing a remote rover on Mars. Of course, anyone competing with NASA would have heard about it quickly, and that is where ‘The Muppets’ very own, Professor Honeydew steps into the scene.

The following letter was sent to NASA by Professor Honeydew as congratulations:

If you can’t read the letter, don’t worry, here is the transcript:

Dear colleagues,

It is with mixed emotions that Muppet Labs offers you a hearty “congratulations” on the recent success of your Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. While we realize that your remarkable accomplishment is a really nifty thing for the entire scientific community, we at Muppet Labs Mars Exploration Team (MULMET) wanted to get there first! We were so close: a mere three weeks–give or take a 20 year margin of error–from launching our own Mars explorers.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of scientific camaraderie and with a promise that we’ll-beat-you-next-time, Muppet Labs sends you and your team an enthusiastic “Well done, bucko!”

Scientifically yours,


PS: If you continue to have difficulties with the Spirit Rover, my assistant Beaker is happy to offer free roadside assistance on Mars, utilizing our new, thoroughly untested Interplanetary Coil-Powered Catapult…or as we at MULMET like to call it “The Spring Fling”.

PPS: Meep-meep-meep-meep-MEEP-MEEP-MEEP-MEEP!!!!!! NOT!

While we all can agree that the Professor sounds a tad bit like a sour-puss, this has to be on the list for the funniest letters sent to NASA. Have you ever sent a funny letter to a National Organization or something of the like in all seriousness, share with us.

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