If you were a non-believer of the amazing might of Chuck Norris, you better “check yourself before you wreck yourself” ’cause these next two video diamonds will have you begging for forgiveness. From the funnily demented mind that gave Youtube the ‘Annoying Orange’, Daneboe.com gives Chuck Norris enthusiasts brings their darkest gamer fantasy to life. We get to see Chuck Norris go head to head against some classic icons in the gamer world, and the stand outs from the set are the following:


Round 1: Chuck Norris Vs. ‘Angry Birds’


Round 2: Chuck Norris Vs. ‘Pac-Man’


Final Round : Chuck Norris Vs. ‘Super Mario Bros.

I’m sure that if it is between the ending for Super Mario Bros. with Chuck Norris or that with Super Mario, it seems that the ending with Chuck is ten times better. Hello, finally they don’t deal with all the crud with the “other castle” and just get straight to…Bang! Bang! BANG! What other video game would you fantasize as being 10x better with Chuck Norris as a main character?

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