In the next few weeks, customers will be able to convert their DVDs into digital media files through Wal-Mart. Starting on April 16, y’all can bring your DVDs into any Wal-Mart and have it digitized and stored in the Cloud for $2 ($5 if you want it HD).

Wal-Mart will be the only retailer offering this “disc-to-digital” option for the next few months; at that time, this initiative will no longer be exclusive to them. We’re not sure what other companies will receive studio rights to digitize these films, but Wal-Mart fought to be the first to launch this thing.

From the LA Times:

The news came as part of an event held in Hollywood on Tuesday announcing Wal-Mart’s support for UltraViolet, the online movie technology backed by most movie studios and a coalition of technology companies. The previously expected news provides a major boost to UltraViolet, which has had a rocky launch and faces a formidable competitor in Apple’s iCloud film service.

Y’all can check out the LA Times article for a more detailed explanation of the logistics of this thing.

The lack of tangible storage media is the way of the future, apparently. Just let me know when I’m able to digitally move all of my shit to my new place.

Source: Cinema Blend, LA Times

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