The world has become a place where the release of new games is a momentous event to those hardcore fans who must have them at minute one and finish them before work the next day.  Midnight releases are a standard of the industry and the widely popular Mass Effect 3 is no exception.

The Mass Effect series is known for its deeply interactive system whereby players’ decisions have serious impacts on the outcome of the game.  This effect is more than just whether the player wins or loses, but how the story winds up.

The third in the series was released but a few short weeks ago, on March 6th.  Less than 10 days later, the game has already begun to make waves with fans of the series everywhere who claim that the endings provided in Mass Effect 3 have destroyed their gamer-geek Zen and left them feeling hollow inside.

Never mind the years of work that have gone into the three chapters of the game.  Ignore the fact that whole teams of programmers, writers and artists have put their blood, sweat and tears into creating what was, until a week ago, a masterpiece of gaming.  No, these things do not matter when the fans are up-in-arms.

In fact, lovers of the game are so pissed-off that they are demanding a new ending!

So why are the available endings so unpopular?

Well, apparently what happens in the grand finale is not representative enough of the freedom that fans have had thus far in controlling the fate of the universe.  Without giving away too much, the endings are amazingly similar to each other, even to the point of using the same cut-scenes throughout.  The hard work that fans put into finishing Mass Effect 3 is not reflected in the outcome and there are some debates over whether certain characters should have died or not.

The dissatisfaction has grown so strong that a movement has even been formed to lobby against the producers of the game and demand a new ending.

The movement in question, “Retake Mass Effect 3” has been raising donations for a children’s charity (a whopping $30,000 so far!) and collecting “likes” on Facebook to demonstrate their collective strength.  They hope that this solidarity will convince the creators of the game that they have disappointed fans, killed their profits and hurt their own franchise.

Response from opposition team-leader and director of Mass Effect, Casey Hudson, says that the controversial ending was intentional and that they had been planning it for some time.  A statement of artistic integrity, though not enough to calm the outrage of the “Retake” movement.

After watching the following video, you may find that the endings do indeed look a little bit similar, minus some color changes.  Check it out and see what you think of it.



6 different endings to Mass Effect 3:



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