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ABOVE: Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Stromtrooper? Why the hell not? I’m sure Tony Stark could add some galactic empire influences to the hall of armor. — Cosplay by Toby aka sithcamero


This is a TARDIS themed engagement ring designed by Tumblr user Pathetic Paripatetic. Awesome, any woman that would want to have this ring is definitely worth marrying in the first place . [Geekologie]

Whoa, this custom Predator bio helmet is as bad-ass as it is creepy. It’s priced at $1050.00. Man, if I bought this, I would sneak up on someone while they’re sleeping and tickle their anus ever so gently (what?). Their slow turn to horror would totally be worth it. [ etsy listing ]

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan-boy. One of my favorite characters is Daenerys Targaryen. She’s beautiful, bad-ass and has baby dragons… what’s not to like? So, I for one, will be ordering this 7-inch limited edition Daenerys Targaryen bust from Dark Horse, which features a newly hatched baby dragon on her shoulder. [NerdApproved]

So this is by far best Beebop and Rocksteady cosplay I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s the only Beebop and Rocksteady cosplay I’ve seen. I have no basis for comparison. Regardless, it’s awesome. These two look like they’re are ready to make turtle soup. Actually, they look like they’re about to engage in a night of homo-erotic mutant fun. [TMNTmaster]

Wrecking Crew Orchestra in Japan has created a laser-light dance show inspired by Tron. It’s truly amazing. I’m still amazed at how these two-stepping Tron men appear and disappear in blink of an eye. Really cool effects. Wizards of light, these guys are. [YouBentMyWookie]

I feel like I’ve been waiting ages for Bioshock Infinite to be released. While the day is coming near, here is a clip from Irrational Games introducing the second of the game’s four Heavy Hitters, The Handyman.

Handymen are part-robot, part-man, and they get their name from their enormous hands, which lead artist Shawn Robertson says are based on creepy porcelain dolls from the game’s early-1900′s time period. Neato, huh? [TDW]

Fuck waterfalls, birds chirping and all those other rain-forest sounds. Give me 10 hours of Darth Vader breathing ever so calmly and I’ll sleep like a baby. [ObiviousWinner]

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