Animated Ultimate Spider-man Trailer

A full-length trailer for the upcoming Disney XD show “Ultimate Spider-man” has hit the Internet, and it shows a Spider-Man a bit different than the classic or Ultimate for that matter, one we know and love.

Instead of retelling the Spider-Man origin story for a new generation, the cartoon focuses on the way Spidey’s life changes after he teams up with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s a lot of pretty cool bells and whistles in this trailer, Spidey’s Iron armour, Dr. Doom, SHIELD super spy stuff like the motorcycle.

What do you think about this move away from the traditional Spider-man to a Bond like agent of SHEILD? This NerdBastard is interested to see where they take this story. Remember that great “What If?” about Daredevil as an agent of SHIELD? 

Take a look and let your fellow NerdBastards know what you think about this animated Ultimate Spider-man. 

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