Finally, we can have a definite answer to which is the superior Batmobile thanks to Super Power Beat Down, a new webseries from Machinima that seems to be some sorta of Mythbusters meets stuff I have thought about since I was six.

The first episode pits the classic George Barris design from the 60’s TV show against the sleek and iconic road demon from the 1989 Tim Burton blockbuster in a good old fashion street race. Host Marisha Ray  lets two comic geeks (Damian Beurer from The Comic Book Nerd and Andy Liegl from debate, then we get the specs on each car and then? They RACE!

For my money, George Barris Batmobile wins. Always. In All ways.

Hit the jump to watch, email me to place bets. ( does not condone or promote gambling, wagers will not be honored.)

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