Cake or Death? Well it seems that the Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, chose Death. After what’s seemed silence on the airwaves on the show, Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller and X-Men director Bryan Singer have finally cast their first role, in the four months after the shows ordered pilot,  for the revamped (sexy) Grandpa Munster.

Deadline reports that “final negotiations” are in order for iconic actor/comedian Eddie Izzard to join the show as both producer and Grandpa Munster. Of course this Grandpa Munster, will be extremely different from the one of your childhood (or Netflix account). Lewis’ Grandpa, while being a cherry old cook whose cheerful demeanor and sarcastic quips made this lab-homebody a lively old chap it seems that the reboot will expand on his abilities. Izzard’s Grandpa will be much more the Man About Town type who can turn into bats, rats and wolves at the drop of a dime, while also managing to don fedoras and other fashionable attire as he tries his luck with the ladies.

Izzard’s acting and comedic capabilities are top notch, and he has proven that he has a strong TV series persona i.e. his acclaimed two seasons on The Riches, a guest stint on United States of Tara, and his previous work with Singer on Valkyrie.  Plus, who can forget, that Izzard was responsible for one of the most well-renowned and funniest Star Wars jokes to date.   Izzard gets a thumbs up from this southern lady on his future endeavor in NBC’s Mockingbird Lane.

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