Oh good, there are some encouraging words coming from the people rebooting the Highlander franchise.


ShockTillYouDrop.com has posted an interview with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo plugging the upcoming horror flick Intruders (which stars Clive Owen who was also in the interview), and dropped a little info about the project. Fresnadillo, (28 Days Later) will be sitting in the directors chair  and had this to say about the movie which is apparently still happening.

“I’m so keen to make it, because I think it would be a very interesting new approach into that world, but let’s see because we’re in an early stage still,”

When asked whether they might cast a new face for the main role or find a known actor, he responded:

“Some kind of new flavor, how about that? Especially because of the big theme of the story, which is the immortality as a curse, because I found it so interesting.”

Wait, did that really answer the questions? Hey, how about answering the one everyone wants to know. Why can’t you just leave 80’s movies alone and stop with the lame reboots. Highlander (the first one) was great, everything else ever done with the franchise has been either eye-gougingly bad (Highlander 2: The Quickening) or worse (anything with Adrian Paul in it). Who thinks this is a good idea? The string movies, the two TV shows, a cartoon series and an anime movie and whatever else, has any of them actually be successful past the original?

Ok, maybe I am a little biased. The first movie still counts as one of my all time favorites and I have owned it in every conceivable format. Hell I even own all the others in one form or another, partly due to my fanboyish nature, and partly ’cause in buying them, I assume I am helping Christopher Lambert make a car payment or two.

I got your back Mr. Belgium movie star.

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