Tomorrow, X-Box gamers around the world can prepare for slamming their genitals in a sliding glass door,  as the worst game you could ever imagine, Star Wars Kinect,  gets released. Fans of the series were hoping for the complete Jedi/Sith experience: Using the force, wielding a lightsaber, force choking some bitches (and by bitches I mean Jedi scum)…etc. Instead, what we are getting is… I’m sorry, I’m at a loss for words. I cannot even begin to describe what a horrible mess this is. Here, check out the following clip featuring Han Solo dancing to the aptly named song “I’m Han Solo” to see what I mean.

Han Solo, the universe’s most bad-ass smuggler/ladies man, is turned into a freaking pussy in a matter of seconds. Did it come to anyone’s attention that Star Wars fans want light-sabers and blasters in their game, not Lobot spinning records in the carbon-freezing chamber! We can’t explain how excited we are to play the mini-game that let’s us pick out Jabba’s belly button lint.

George Lucas was right, the franchise is dead.

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