Yes, fans: Spoilers… But it seems that everyone’s favorite Doctor’s wife is coming back for the currently shooting seventh season of Doctor Who.

The production is right now state-side in New York City to shoot scenes for the fifth episode, which will feature the return of Doctor/Professor River Song, the time traveling archeologist/bad girl/wife of The Doctor/ and grown child of Amy and Rory Pond. A casting call was apparently sent out for a photo double for River Song portrayer Alex Kingston in order to shoot, amongst other things, a driving scene.

So what’s River doing in the Big Apple? There is an interesting River Song-New York connection previously shown on the series, as it was the place young River regenerated in “Day of the Moon,” second episode of the sixth series. Could this have something to do with the stop over in the Five Burroughs? More importantly, how does River play into the departure of Rory and Amy, because, as I’m sure you already know, episode five is their last.

Doctor Who premieres later this year on BBC America.

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