It seems unthinkable in a world currently inundated with The Avengers but the rumor is their cartoon counterpart, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might be getting axed upon completion of its second season. Apparently the show hasn’t been pulling in the ratings they’d like to see. Currently, EMH airs Sunday mornings on Disney XD in a block of Marvel toons including the new Ultimate Spider-Man. Hmm? Wonder where they got that idea, ::cough:: DC Nation. ::cough::

Comic Book Movie jumped on the news and quickly sought anything they could to confirm it but other than a few quotes from Jeff Loeb, now in charge of Marvel‘s television division, there isn’t much, but everything seems to lean towards EMH ending and new Avengers toon to take its place. I’ll admit Loeb’s attitude doesn’t bode well for EMH but I don’t want to vilify him just yet. Here’s some comments he made to Collider when promoting Ultimate Spider-Man,

That’s certainly something that we’re talking about. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has a tremendous following. One of the things that’s very unique about that show is that it was at a time prior to my coming in. It is a very serialized show, and there are a lot of characters. What we wanted to do with Spider-Man, and going forward, was to tell stories that are individualized. Obviously, we want everybody to watch the show every week, but we also know that people’s time is often taken. So, DVR the show, but if you’re not going to do that, the idea is that you will be able to catch up. I don’t ever want anybody to sit down on Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock and suddenly feel like, “Well, I lost the last three episodes, so I don’t really know what’s going on.” The only thing that is a two-parter is the pilot, which will actually be shown in its entirety on Sunday, April 1st.

So, the show was already happening before Loeb became involved, meaning he has no real attachment to the series and he doesn’t like its serialized nature as well as its large cast. Yeah, this doesn’t sound like good news for fans of EMH.

Since it seems ridiculous to imagine Marvel not having an Avengers cartoon on the air after this massive movie releases in a few weeks, the rumor continues with talk of a new Avengers cartoon which will tie more into Ultimate Spider-Man, building a cohesive universe withing their animated shows.

Let me just say this news SUCKS. I have really, really, really enjoyed EMH and I’m saying this as a diehard DC fangirl who’s been searching for a good Marvel toon to bring me into that universe the way DC’s toons  brought me into theirs. My introduction to comic book characters came from cartoons. Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men played a huge part in forming my love of superheroes, and EMH got me more excited for this summer’s Avengers movie than any of their lead-in films. I love the camaraderie on EMH and the chemistry between their version of The Avengers is excellent. I’ll be really sad to see all that development pushed aside in favor a making another Avengers toon that fits in more with Loeb’s vision for what cartoons should be. But, I guess I can’t argue with them if  it’s not pulling the ratings they’d like. Business usually prevails over fan love in these situations.

All I can hope for is maybe people will hear this nasty rumor and make an effort to increase EMH‘s profit. Watch it on Disney XD, watch season one now available on Netflix Instant, buy the DVDs (even though I hear they’re kinda crappy), buy the episodes digitally either via iTunes or Amazon. If you love the show prove to Marvel how much you love it. They really only listen to money after all. Even more important, if you have kids or know kids convince them to watch it. Clearly cartoons have a wider audience today than they used to, but kids are still the target demographic, if they aren’t watching the future of EMH looks grim.

Need a little more convincing? Here’s the kick-ass trailer for season two,

What are your thoughts on this cancellation rumor?

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