Nathan Fillion & Robert Downey Jr. Team-up


Fans of Nathan Fillion were provided with an interesting video tidbit at the end of last weeks episode of Castle. Everyone felt a disturbance in the nerd force and suddenly there’s Robert Downey Jr. and Nathan Fillion, heads around the world began to explode. 

ON the surface it’s just a great oppurtunity to promote the Robert’s role in the upcoming The Avengers movie and Nathan’s continued hit show Castle. This Nerdbastard thinks there might be more.

The backdrop is the same used to promote the red carpet premiere of The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. tweeted that there was an extra shooting going on that night. Most people believe it to be an after the credits scene. Watch this video and then join me below for more.


OK, welcome back. Neat little promo huh? This NerdBastard was pretty pumped about Nathan and Robert appearing together. Then the mental juices started flowing and I thought, “Wait a minute, what the hell would prompt the powers that be to put these two together?”

Then I thought about some of the comic book roles Nathan has been vocal about. He lost out the Green Lantern role to Ryan Reynolds, but what about Ant-man?

Ant-man is one of the scheduled movies to come after The Avengers. Could Nathan be the star attached? Josh Whedon did make this convention statement back in 2010. With his current star shining bright at Marvel Movie productions, his word could carry a lot of weight.

What do you think, will we be seeing Ant-man after the credits?

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