The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. In the wrong hands,  its about ecology of tentacles and Japanese school girls or paparazzo photos of the Hulk when those purple pants don’t rip the right way.

In the right hands however, fantastic and magical drawings are abound, making the Internet bearable for us to enjoy.

Welcome to the right place.

We collect it, you enjoy it, and we are all better for it.

ABOVE: Oh boob window, how we miss you. Nice to see Power Girl’s iconic cleavage still lives on. [Geek Tyrant]

Hit the jump for Marvel beauties, Sith predators and MOAR !

This awesome Doctor Who/Back to the Future mash-up by CeeNot perfectly captures Amy as Jennifer, the Doctor as Doc Brown and Rory as Marty McFly. Given that both Rory and Marty nearly faded out of existance thanks in no part to themselves they would naturally be put together this way. Thankfully, like Marty, you can never kill the true star that easy. [Deviantart]

The man that made Jar Jar Binks just might have exonerated himself with this series of Dino-avengersTerryl Whitlatch, having studied Zoology before graduating art school and now teaches classes on illustration and animation, paired each hero with their closest dinosaur counterpart. Just check out Captain America as a Parasaurolophus. [The Mary Sue]

Come one, come all to the battle of the 90’s nerds! This nerdly mash-up of epic perportions was created by the master of epic nerd mash-ups, one Marco D’Alfonso. Taking all our childhood pairings and putting them to paper seems all to easy for Marco. Other epic battles include the Green Lantern vs Nintendo‘s Yoshi and even paired up Bobba Fett alongside crazed nutball Deadpool. We salute you Marco, you are one talented dude. [Comics Alliance]

A Ménage à trois of Marvel’s finest super – and non-super – powered ladies. Good lord this must be some kind of dream. Created by Shunya Yamashita, this shot of Black Widow, Rogue and Scarlet Witch shows off a perfect way for girls who could kill their boyfriends to get along. Now, where do we sign up to get in on this? [Comics Alliance]

Well…the universe is officially screwed now. Taking the Predator, the galaxy’s most efficient killer and giving him the tools of a Star Wars sith. Obviously, this is one bad ass mamma jamma. Hit the link to see the maskless variant, both of which were made by Rhymesyndicate. [Obvious Winner]

Aww, how sweet. A boy and his Cylon flying together in their viper. It would be a perfect picture if we weren’t second guessing if that kid is a human or a Cylon too. [Blastr]

Now this is dedication to a cause, for the last three years of his life David Creighton-Pester has been drawing Batman villains and only the villains. Having so far drawn 207 of them, David has gone through everyone from top teir Rogues like the Joker and Bane to low level wimps like Nostromo. You have to respect someone that goes after a goal for so long. Any bets on when he’s going to finish? [Comics Alliance]

Nothing to see here folks, just four mutant turtles and a giant rat staring at a bathing woman in fudeal Japan. This speed painting by Ronan Toulhoat shows off a more samurai inspired look at everyone’s favorite heroes in the half shell [Geek-Art]

Apparently it was take your genetic gender reversed clone/daughter to work day for Wolverine and X-23. Judging by the state of things they’ve been at it for a while too, might even carry over to the annual father/daughter picnic. [Geek Tyrant]

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