Mad Max 4: Fury Road has been in virtual-production almost since the time of the dinosaurs.  Director George Miller has personally been pursuing the project for 10 years and the franchise itself has been dead for more than 25.  Finally, there has been some progress in the matter, with the first of what is supposed to be a trilogy planned to begin shooting soon.

Many people may be saying to themselves “Yeah, I’ve heard this before” and, truth be told, they’ve been starting and stopping on this thing for a few years now.  But a recent announcement concerning the addition of Australian super-model Abbey Lee Kershaw to the cast might be a good omen.

According to sources, Kershaw is to take on a role previously filled by Teresa Palmer, who dropped out due to the constant delays.  Her character in the film is apparently a sexy lady in a cage (a welcome addition to any film) who is part of a caravan of sexy lady wives who get chased around by the bad guys.  If the film actually begins shooting, this will be Kershaw’s first big-screen appearance.

Other casting choices already in place consist of Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson as Max (thank God) and Charlize Theron playing the role of a bad-ass one-armed warrior woman.

Shooting is set to begin inNamibiathis summer (knock on wood).


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