Of all the comic book movie franchises that have been produced so far, Daredevil is perhaps the one that needs a reboot the most.  After that Ben Affleck-tainted pile of rubbish that fans were forced to endure in 2003, there’s little chance of it getting any worse.  20th Century Fox has been planning a reboot for more than a year now, but progress has been rather slow.  Now, it looks like they may be putting Daredevil on the “to-do” list once again.

David James Kelly has recently been hired to give the new movie’s script a rewrite.  The original script was penned by Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane and is rumored to be based around Frank Miller’s 1987 storyline “Born Again.”  As the story goes, the Kingpin figures out what Daredevil’s secret identity is and makes his life a living hell.  While Kane is known for his somewhat edgy style, Kelly is known for… well, not much anyone may have heard of.

Another David – David Slade – is still set to direct the film, though with the recent hiatus in production he has been busy working on other projects.  Slade too is known for his darker style and is a bit more well-known for his work on 30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and other projects.

Between Slade’s directing, Miller’s original story and Kane’s writing of the script, fans might have something to look forward to.  With Kelly coming onboard, however, it will remain to be seen whether he adds or detracts from the recipe.  And, of course, Fox still needs to actually get this thing into production for fans to love or hate it at all.


Thanks to screenrant for giving us the heads-up on this one.

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