Elementary is another look at Sherlock Holmes set in modern day New York. The show is scheduled to air on CBS this Autumn. In hopes of stirring the already controversial pot of Internet and BBC angst, CBS sent out this first official image of the lead characters – Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as disgraced doctor Joan Watson. Aidan Quinn is also in the cast as Captain Gregson, who sounds like a modern day Lestrade figure.

After the hoopla surrounding the announcement of an American remake that follows so closely on the heels of an already wildly popular British BBC series modern day retake of Sherlock Holmes this time using a female Watson (Lucy Liu) died down, we haven’t heard or seen much. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more soon as CBS starts stirring the media pot.

This NerdBastard is hoping the show will be worthwile and not, as many fear, an attempt to hop on Moffat and Gatiss’ coat tails. Rumor is that a trailer might make it’s way to the Internet in the next couple of days.

Any thoughts? Did anyone read this far down the article?

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