Recently, while doing press for Prometheus in London, actress Charlize Theron talked about trading up from one rarefied sci-fi franchised managed by a legendary director for another. Yes friends, it seems that Theron is next doing the long in the works Mad Max: Fury Road (if that’s what it’s still called) with director George Miller and star Tom Hardy.

Surprisingly, Theron talked about a number of details of the forthcoming production. Here are some of the pertinent details:

So when does filming begin? Exactly.

I leave in like two and a half weeks and we start shooting I think around mid-July in Namibia. I’m fucking dying, too, it’s been three years. It’s time to skin this cat already, so yeah, I’m very excited about it.

Considering how long this has been in production, are we still talking about the same script everybody knows and loves?

Yes, exactly the same script. I know. It was more logistics. It was the fact that he had to finish “Happy Feet.” Then there was terrible floods in Australia, and the desert just never recovered from it. That sounds horrible. It did recover in a beautiful way, but not in a way that we needed it to, so that was a huge problem for us.

What is Charlize looking forward to about this film?

I think that just like this that’s an interesting world. I feel that I have a real interest in this world, and I think people will have an interest in this world because “Alien” kinda set that up for us. I feel like the original “Mad Max” created such a vivid world, that to go back and re-imagine it and kind of replay in that sandbox sounds like fun to me. George really created a female character that I’ve never read anything like this. I mean, I’m scared shitless, yeah.

Does that including something the actress has never done before?

No, it’s a really challenging piece of material. I think for me originally when they were like, “Oh, ‘Mad Max.’” I was like, “Uh, I’m not going to play the fucking girl for ‘Mad Max.’” Then I read it and I was like, “Oh, ‘Mad Max.’ I feel sorry for you.” (Laughs) That rarely happens. It’s just really, it’s two great characters. It’s not the original “Mad Max.” It’s the revamped “Mad Max.” It’s Tom Hardy, who’s incredible. So, the whole thing is just exciting, very, very exciting.

Now for a really important question, is Miller going for PG-13, or the hard R?

I can’t say. I mean, ultimately it’s going to be up to George Miller, but it feels like…

Oh, and will there be violence?

Yeah, yeah, there’s some bad-ass violence in it. I mean, if we do what the script is, I don’t know how you can do, but then I feel like PG-13 is pushing a little bit, too, which is good. It feels like—I don’t know. I remember being like, young watching “Alien” and loving it.

Sounds good. I never thought I’d live to see the day we’d get a Ridley Scott directed Alien prequel, a Blade Runner sequel, and another Mad Max installment all in one go, but here we are…

More Mad Max news will be posted when we hear it.

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