Things continue to line-up for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary next year with new slipping that one of the new year’s episode will feature the return of a Who-enemy not seen on screen since 1974: The Ice Warriors.

From the storyline of the same name, the Ice Warriors are a reptilian-like race from Mars, faced off against the Earth-bound Third Doctor played by the late John Pertwee. Now, according to a source for the Daily Star, the Ice Warriors will be one of the first bad guys faced by the new team of The Doctor and his latest companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) in one of the seventh series episodes scheduled for broadcast in 2013.

Here are the words direct from the Daily Star:

They are making their return in 2013—the 50th anniversary of the show which now stars Matt Smith, 29. The Ice Warriors will be among the first creatures encountered by the Time Lord’s new companion, played by Jenna, 26, following her arrival in the Christmas Day special.And the episode will be penned by Sherlock star Mark Gatiss, 45.

A source said: “Who fans have been crying out for the return of the Ice Warriors. Now they’ve got their wish. “It’s going to be an exciting year with the 50th anniversary celebrations.”

The Ice Warriors have briefly been mentioned in the modern incarnation of Who. The Tenth Doctor, in the 2009 special The Waters of Mars, believed that it may have been the Ice Warriors that froze the Flood on the red planet and evacuated, leaving the zombifying water to be discovered by humans centuries later.

But either way, it’s another sign that 2013 is shaping up to be a family reunion year on Doctor Who. We’ve got the Ice Warriors joining the Yeti and the Zygons amongst the returning villains, and the constant references to the possibility of return visits by companions and past Doctors (including the previously reluctant Tom Baker).

Hopefully the production team can do a bit of an update on the Ice Warrior costume because those old ones look like Godzilla wearing welding goggles.

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