If you thought the superhero film obsession was over, welcome to the summer of 2012! With the record-breaking release of The Avengers, the surprise success of The Amazing Spider-Man, and the veritable ATM that The Dark Knight Rises is bound to be, let’s just say there’s still gold in spandex. Even if that spandex belongs to an independently published cult superhero from Canada called Captain Canuck.

Created by writer Ron Leishman and artist/co-writer Richard Comely, the original Captain Canuck first appeared in Captain Canuck #1 in July 1975. Since then, Comely’s has had a hand in all incarnations of Captain Canuck, including the most recent original series about the character released in 2006. Three different people have donned the identity of Captain Canuck, but the original ’75 Canuck takes place in a (then) future Canada, now the most powerful nation on Earth, where Tom Evans is exposed to an extraterrestrial energy giving him super strength and speed. Captain Canuck then becomes a costumed agent of the Canadian International Security Organization (CISO) where he deals with more espionage oriented stories rather than costumed super-villains.

Anyway, it was around 2006, about the same time as the release of the latest series, that rumblings were being made about a potential Captain Canuck movie. Then at San Diego Comic Con 2011, a Canadian production company called Mind’s Eye Entertainment announced that they were developing a CC movie although no writer or director was assigned. But that was then…

The Vancouver Sun is reporting today that Arne Olsen will be penning the script after his 15 page treatment beat out all offers from “hundreds” of other screenwriters. Olsen will be familiar to American audiences as the writer of the Dolph Lundgren-starring Red Scorpion, or as one of the writers of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie. But my fellow Canadians might recognize his work in the 2011 Canadian thriller Repeaters. He was the writer of that film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010.

Olsen talked about what made his vision for Captain Canuck won out:

“I’m much more interested in the grittier [films] – where there’s a much more realistic approach. The way we’re going to approach this is – more of a visceral action thriller in the [style] of the Bourne trilogy. We’re trying to take him to more of a 21st century sensibility. Hipper, with a bit more of an interest in contemporary issues and characters, and the technology and information we have access to.”

As for dream casting, Olsen would like to see Drive star Ryan Gosling, which might help get the project movie towards principal photography if Gosling is interested (not to mention help potential overseas and American distribution).

But hey, let’s throw it out there: any Bastards out there – Canadian, American, or other – interested in seeing a big screen Captain Canuck?

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