Maybe it was asking too much. After all, The Avengers pulled in an unprecedented opening weekend haul of $207 million and eventually went on to top a billion worldwide. There were hopes The Dark Knight Rises would surpass it, speculators were predicting at least $195 million for the weekend, but sadly, there’s no summer blockbuster crown for Batman. The total gross for its first three days is $160.8 million, which is by no means a shabby opening, it just doesn’t beat The Avengers. Or Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2 which had a opening weekend gross of $169 million.

All right, so The Dark Knight Rises has the third highest grossing opening weekend, and honestly, that’s a great way for Christopher Nolan the end his Dark Knight Trilogy. I guess it just seems a bit of a letdown since we all expected it to earn a bit more. A few factors most likely played a role. For one, TDKR didn’t have the benefit of 3D ticket prices, though it did have the IMAX tickets which accounted for $19 million of the total gross. And you can’t count out the shooting in Aurora. It’s very likely those tragic events had an effect on the total weekend gross, which was very strong for the midnight opening with $75.7 million being the total for Friday, but by Sunday it dwindled to $40 million.

There’s not doubt TDKR will make back its budget of $250 million and then some, a great sum in fact, but I believe it’s obvious the winner of this summer will be The Avengers. And really, their total is much higher than both second and third place so they may lead the opening weekend gross for some time.

What do you think could beat The Avengers for the highest opening weekend box office?

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