It would be pretty naive to think the BBC isn’t planning something big for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary, happening next year. You just gotta know they’re cooking up something good, and if what Matt Smith is saying is any indicator there won’t only be a big special celebrating Who‘s 5-0 but many specials.

In the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine Smith is quoted as saying, “first anniversary episode,” when referring to an episode being penned by Steven Moffat. First, huh? Well, you wouldn’t say first if it was the only celebratory episode being planned. He goes on to say the episode will be, “as brilliant and as mental as you’d expect from Steven.” Well, duh.

Hmm, I know this isn’t much but it does hint at them being aware of what an important milestone this is for the series. And with Doctor Who‘s popularity growing I can only hope whatever the Beeb has planned will cross the pond to BBC America.

What are you hopes for these “specials” marking Who‘s 50th anniversary?

Oh, and looking past the anniversary, Smith also said Moffat has talked to him about Season 8 and says we should all be, “ready to cry.”

Awesome, like I won’t already be bawling my eyes out when The Ponds leave or when they tug hard on my Who nostalgia with whatever they’re doing in these anniversary specials.

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