Well this news kind of gives me hope that the next Wolverine movie is going to be bad ass and not a bad ass waste of time. Comic Book Movie has a couple of pics from the production that lend some potential details to the story that director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman have in store for the feral Canuck mutant in this new story.

According to CBM, the pictures show what’s in store for the opening scene of the film, which their sources say takes place in a Japanese prisoner of war camp circa 1945. Furthermore the scene will result in an atomic bomb explosion, which opens the door to the villain Lt. Ethan Warren, a character featured in Brian K. Vaughan’s Wolverine: Logan miniseries.

Courtesy of Marvel Wiki, here’s the lowdown on what Lt. Ethan Warren is all about:

Lt. Ethan Warren– Was a POW with Wolverine in Japan during World War II. They teamed up to escape and found a Japanese woman in the woods. Warran wanted to kill her, but Logan threatens to kill him if he does. They part company and Logan spends time with the lady, finding she would not have harmed them. Warren reappears and shoots Logan, and tries to rape the woman. She grabs a sword and attacks him, but Warren manages to stab her with his bayonet. Logan recovers from his wound and attacks Warren. They each discover the other is a mutant, incapable of being killed. Then a plane drops a nuclear bomb on them.

In the present, Warren, now a flaming skeleton man, finds Wolverine in Japan and attacks him. After some fighting, Warren rips out Wolverine’s heart and eats it, restoring his human appearance. Wolverine stands up and continues the fight, shocking Warren, who tries to kill Logan with searing energy blast. Logan is unfazed and advances. Warren begs for mercy, but Logan kills him, then passes out.

In addition, Bleeding Cool has this video from an Australian News 7 (Action 7, perhaps?) of the exterior shoot of the prison camp, and the looky-loos trying to get a glimpse of The Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman.

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