In between swimming in his Scrooge McDuck sized pool of Avatar money and deep sea voyages to the bottom of the sea, James Cameron still manages to be one busy man. Having openly said that he’s purely into making movies about tall blue cat creatures from now on, the director was originally set to have Avatar 2: Underwater Boogaloo (title pending) ready for theaters by December 2014.

Yeah… that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Avatar star Sigourney Weaver has said that Cameron has planned to shoot up to three Avatar movies back-to-back-to-back, but according to producer Jon Landau’s assessment it’s not going to occur in the timeline 20th Century Fox has set. Even simply trying to keep his budget as low as possible and handle any future scheduling conflicts that could crop up for the actors between breaks in filming, the schedule that’s set isn’t managable. So according to Landau, the tentative 2014 date from Fox is going to be more like 2015.

That means no more Pandora for another 3 years. But at least there’s some progress.

An article from the New York Times has detailed Cameron’s $16 million purchase of 2,500 acres of farmland around Lake Pounui in New Zealand. That’s Peter Jackson‘s backyard and home to Jackson’s Wellington production studios. So there could be a partnership between the two for what could be Cameron’s new shootng location for the next several years. Even with the three year delay, you’ve got to respect what the man is doing with all this preparation.

From his army of digital effects wizards and his custom 3D technology – as well as the $2.7 billion and 3 Oscars – the man deserves to pace his schedule. How do you feel about the wait? Is it just or is Cameron once again doing as he pleases?

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