William Gibson’s Neuromancer is a classic of cyberpunk, created way back in 1984.  This book set in place much of what defines the genre today and influenced countless other writers to imitate and expand off of Gibson’s ideas.  Talks about a movie adaptation of the book have been nearly constant for more than a decade, with nothing ever coming of it.  The closest Hollywood ever got to recreating Gibson’s unique atmosphere in film was the 1995 B-grade Johnny Mnemonic starring Keanu Reeves.  Now, however, the rumor mill seems to be accelerating and fans of Gibson may have their dreams soon realized.

Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) has been set to direct an adaptation for more than two years now, but has been working on other projects.  Financing was secured for the making of the film, but still nothing.  But the producers may be making their move soon, because Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson have both been approached about starring in two of the leads.

Wahlberg, if he accepts, would take on the role of Case, top-notch computer hacker and general protagonist.  Neeson would be playing Armitage, an ex-military type with more than his share of mental problems.  No word yet on who Natali might want to fill the shoes of the other main lead, Molly – bad-ass cyber-samurai and bodyguard.

For those unfamiliar with the story… go read the book!  Ok, I’ll give a brief description, just to be nice:

Case is a cyber-hacker in a futuristic world where the internet is pretty much all virtual reality.  He gets his neurons selectively fried after a deal-gone-bad and is forced to live his life permanently stuck inside the “meat” of his physical body.  Some shady people approach him via Armitage and offer to put his head back in order if he uses his hacking skills to do what they need done.

My skeptical side expects this one to fail just as surely as all the other attempts to adapt Neuromancer.  Still, I’ll be crossing my fingers until more news comes.  Speculators put the release date at 2014, but until this thing starts shooting for-reals, it’s impossible to tell where it will end up.

Thanks to cinemablend for the heads-up.

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