You can imagine that Sony’s probably chomping at the bit to get another Spider-Man movie into development. In fact, they’ve already set a release date for it: May 2014. So they should probably start filming soon, yes?

Now obviously, Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is the first and obvious choice to helm a sequel, but as previously reported, the filmmaker has a contractual snafu that may keep him benched for Amazing 2. According to the LA Times today, Sony has said that they want Webb, but the director may have to make a deal with Fox first if he wants to conduct the further adventures of Spider-Man.

Webb made his first film in 2009 for Fox Searchlight, and his romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer became an indie hit. Webb is contracted to do another movie for Fox, which was put on the back burner when he was tapped for Spider-Man. Coming on for Amazing Spider-Man 2 would mean that Webb would have to push back his Fox commitment again for another two years. Would they be willing to do that? Or would Fox maybe want something in return, like another movie from Webb whose film success now carries across both indie and mainstream filmmaking?

It’s unlikely, but not impossible, that Fox would put Webb in an “us or them” predicament, after all, when Singer signed up for Superman Returns, Fox quickly moved to replace him on X-Men: The Last Stand. But Webb maybe integral to Sony’s plans of Spider-Man. According to the Times, “the idea would be for Webb to continue to build the world, Nolan style.” Webb will be working with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and Amazing Spider-Man screenwriter James Vanderbilt to develop the screenplay which will probably continue to pursue the first film’s storyline about the disappearance of Peter Parker’s parents, and Spider-Man’s secret origins (and maybe Green Goblin too).

More news as it develops.

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