This week on The Bastardcast, recently voted the internet’s top podcast according to Jason’s mom, the fellows discuss Jeremy’s interesting bedroom accessories, Jason’s confusion over why there is no sexy time during the XXX Olympiad, and then in HEADLINES, SHIT. GETS. REAL.

  • Will the next X-Men First Class film screw up the Days of Future Past?
  • Why are David Yates and Steven Moffat playing a public game of “Nuh uh” with the Doctor Who movie?
  • Is Dan Aykroyd trying to coax Bill Murray into signing onto Ghostbusters 3 and will he do the same thing with Peter MacNicol?
  • And…’Deadpool’ has a new creative team, but why did co-creator Rob Liefeld take to the internet in protest?

Once HEADLINES draw to a close, the guys continue their series on dueling timelines, tentativly re-named, “FUCK YOU MY ERA WAS BETTER”. This time on FYMEWB (which just rrrolls off the tongue) Jason is fighting for the honor of elder comics over commercialization and re-boots while Jeremy is more open to the present era, so long as there is a monthly Booster Gold book to light the pathway to his heart.

Then in DIRTY NERDY CONFESSIONS, Jeremy is hiding something from his wife and Jason wants the internet to hate him. All of that and we get a metal bird drunk on this week’s BASTARDCAST!

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