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Adapting video games into films is almost always a bad idea, and a long trail of the dead exists to prove that fact. Still, people persist in their belief that a decent film can come about using a video game world.  One of the die-hard attempts to make movie dollars from an already cash-rich title is that of World of Warcraft.

They’ve been working hard at it now for… what, about six years?  A number of writers have been brought on board and then lost.  In 2009, Sam Raimi (!!!) was set to direct the film, but recently he too abandoned ship.  Sitting in pre-production limbo with hardly a chance of being made, what ever shall World of Warcraft do?  Why hire another scriptwriter and start the whole thing from scratch, of course.

The latest news has Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) set to try his hand at making the script into a workable and desirable object that may convince the gods to stop stepping angrily all over the project.  Providing the rewrite doesn’t take yet another 6 years, we may see the folks at Legendary looking for another director and then, eventually… casting!

What do you humble (or not so humble) Nerdreaders think?  WoW movie – good or bad?  Chance in hell?  Doomed by evil forces to permanent pre-production?


Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads-up on this one.

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