In a recent interview with Total Film, Tom Hiddleston dishes about playing the mischeivious god, Loki, and hints at what we can expect of Thor: The Dark World from director Alan Taylor,

I don’t want to give too much away. But I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Alan Taylor’s vision of Thor 2 is utterly brilliant. The journey continues in the most epic dimension and proportion imaginable. It’s very, very exciting.

While I totally believe him because I too have high hopes for Thor 2 and expect it to be brilliant, would Hiddleston actually admit if shit? No, but he probably wouldn’t be involved if that were the case either.

He continues with a fascinating response when asked what it’s like to bring Loki to life,

The best thing about being Loki is that he is my diametric opposite. Physically, he is a photo negative of who I am. Loki is dark and pale, and I am light and fair. Also spiritually I am not much like him either. Yet I feel an incredible freedom in playing him.

He is a combination of mercurial intellectual ability, emotional ambiguity, rakish charm, charisma and provocative wit. He has a wicked inclination to mischief, underneath which is a well of spiritual pain. Both these aspects are central to his depth as a character: his unashamed and perverse delight in creating chaos; and his capacity for raw emotional expression.

And – as my American friends tell me – he’s kind of a badass! He’s one of the richest, most rewarding, most fun characters I’ve ever played. 

He is a total badass. Even if he is, y’know, bad. I think Hiddleston is a marvel as Loki – ucwidt? – and one of many examples of their fantastic decisions in casting. What have thought about his portrayal of Loki in Thor and The Avengers? What would you like to see from in Thor 2?

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