Disney is quickly developing a habit of turning its park attractions into major motion picture franchises.  Pirates of the Caribbean made its way through four films and a host of other Disney-oriented projects are currently in development.  One that slipped through the cracks some years ago was The Haunted Mansion – a rather forgettable film starring Eddie Murphy (will someone please tell him to stop making movies already?).  Disney is looking to remove the stain on their reputation and could not have taken a better shot at in than signing Guillermo Del Toro to the remake.

He was originally brought on board in 2010 in both a writing and production capacity (though not as director).  Since then, the movie has been little spoken of, feared by many to be lost in pre-production limbo forever.  Del Toro is a busy boy, currently working on finishing Pacific Rim and also prepping for his recently announced Hellboy 3.  A recent interview with Collider, however, confirms that Del Toro hasn’t forgotten about The Haunted Mansion and is, more importantly, eager to get to it.

I delivered my last draft five weeks ago. I have a meeting with them in three weeks.  I know they like the screenplay.  I need to meet with them in three weeks. That’s what I know. I know their reaction to the draft was good.  We have a bunch of conceptualist art, but you never know, to predict anything else is hard for me to know.

Since he’s so busy, it’s unlikely that The Haunted Mansion will be hitting production anytime soon, but at least we know it’s still there.  Check back in a couple of weeks, dear readers, and perhaps Del Toro will have more to say following his face-to-face with Disney.


Thanks to slashfilm for the heads-up.

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