Since airing nearly two years ago, The Walking Dead has become a huge hit among both zombie-geek crowds and the general populace alike.  Creator Robert Kirkman acts as a producer for the show and no doubt rakes in tons of cash.  His former childhood friend, Tony Moore is continuing in his claim that he was the co-creator of The Walking Dead during its formative years and that some of those piles of money belong to him.

A lawsuit filed this week is the second attack that Moore has made against Kirkman’s claim on the title. Moore’s opinion on how things are developing between the two old pals is made plain in one particular statement from his lawsuit:

Kirkman is a proud liar and fraudster who freely admits that he has no qualm about misrepresenting material facts in order to consummate business transactions, and it is precisely that illicit conduct which led to the present lawsuit (and to Kirkman’s business ‘success’ generally).

So why does Moore think he deserves a share of the credit?  He says that in addition to penciling the first six issues of the comic, he also helped to create it from day one.  He states that the television series was in Kirkman’s name alone because Moore was convinced to give up his rights so that Kirkman would have a better chance of pitching the title to TV producers.

The full details of the lawsuit are convoluted to say the least, but the basic argument comes down to Moore’s name being attached on the solicitation of the original book, marking him as co-creator.  When the actual series started, however, his name was nowhere to be found.  In his defense, Kirkman says that Moore does get royalties from the show as well as money for his work on the books.

Moore is currently pursuing a legal declaration that he is indeed the co-creator and thus deserves more money than he’s getting right now.  He is hoping to secure as much as half the rights of the franchise.

The question that comes to my mind – is Moore pursuing this because he really has concerns over his rights to the property and feels cheated?  Or has the huge success of The Walking Dead simply motivated him to try and grab up a bigger piece of the pie?


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