Joe Kubert began working in comics at the age of 11 as an apprentice and continued all throughout his life — a life that reportedly ended today, according to Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons.

To many, the name is one of those bold names in the history of comic books like Kirby, Eisner, Lee, Adams, Ditko, Robinson, and others  — legends who created and perfected those things that move from the pen to the imagination with such ease and impact.

Kubert was more than a comic artist and writer though — he was a teacher and a mentor, creating the Kubert School in 1976, which has helped educate future generations of comic professionals, including Joe’s sons Andy and Adam.

That the school continues to supply the industry with a pipeline of talented artists and comic professionals who know how to do things the right way, the “Kubert way”, stands as the man’s most enduring legacy. All the pages of Tarzan, Hawkman, and Sgt. Rock that Kubert drew could one day fade, but time will still have to catch up to all of the work done by those who Joe Kubert inspired and taught and who they taught with Kubert in mind.

From Poland to Brooklyn to Dover — from Tor to PS MagazineFax from Sarajevo, and of course his work as a teacher — Kubert’s life was as full of character, vibrancy, and brilliance as his art and his impact will not soon be forgotten.

RIP Joe Kubert

September 18, 1926 – August 12, 2012

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