Christopher Nolan has made money hand over butt for Warner Bros thanks to his vision for his Batman trilogy, but has his Batman movies made the most money it terms of bang for Warner’s buck? That’s a question that blogger and professional movie geek Brian Collins explored recently.

Of course we realize that adjusting for inflation, the real box office champ of all time isn’t Avatar, but Gone With the Wind. In 2012 dollars, the romantic epic has made $1.620 billion at the domestic box office, while Avatar, by comparison, is in 14th place overall with its $779 million haul adjusted for inflation. The Dark Knight, the most profitable Batman movie of all time, currently sits at #29, while the latest film The Dark Knight Rises, sits at #92 with its $412 million take so far. Tim Burton’s 1989 hit Batman, currently sits somewhere in between at #50, which, adjusted for inflation, made $504.8 million. But there is another factor to take into account: the price of a ticket.

Using Box Office Mojo, Collins calculated that Batman sold something to the effect of 62,954,600 tickets at an average ticket price of $3.97 (those were the days). The Dark Knight Rises, by comparison,  has so far sold 50,635,700 tickets at an average price of $8.02. So while Rises has made almost twice the money that Batman has, Burton’s Caped Crusader sold 12 million more tickets. On a similar note, Rises predecessor The Dark Knight sold 74 million tickets; by comparison The Avengers, which sold nearly $100 million more in ticket sales, only sold about 2 million more seats than The Dark Knight.

So there you have it Bastards. Yet another lesson in how numbers lie. Unintentionally, of course.

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