Season three production and marketing for AMC‘s The Walking Dead is heating up and with less than a month to go to till the October 14th premiere. we can expect some new teasers, pictures, and interviews in the days to come. Entertainment Weekly is featuring The Walking Dead cast on a variety of covers (above) and also has some great character portraits pictured below. The first three out of the box are of Rick, Michonne, and the Governor.

Most likely the other cast members portraits will be released in the next couple of days, except maybe T-Dog, he’s always left out and Carl, because he wasn’t in the house when pictures where taken. Carl was busy running around in zombie infested woods.

Maybe that explains Rick’s look of constipation in the picture below.

Next up is Michonne, this NerdBastard wants her guarding his back when the zombie shit hit the fan.

Last, but definitely the character this NerdBastard is looking forward to seeing in season 3 is the Governor.

I’m really looking forward to how the character of the governor translates from the comics to the small screen. Let’s not even talk about Mel coming back, that is gonna be a blast. I hope T-Dog watches his back.

What are you looking forward to in the third season of The Walking Dead?

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