X-Files fans haven’t had a new fix in a while, the last installment being the 2008 movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe.  The fans’ desire for more story is a given.  Both of the main stars, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, as well as series creator Chris Carter are also eager for something new.  Some recent twittering by Anderson has the Internet abuzz with rumors concerning the potential that another film may yet reach the big screen.

Anderson had this to say:

I met with Chris before coming here and it’s looking pretty good.

The “here” she is referring to is the Toronto Fan Expo and the “Chris” is Chris Carter, of course.  But before you get your hopes up, she also mentioned this:

We have to convince FOX.

Since 20th Century Fox holds all the powers of life-and-death for The X-Files, they will have the final say over whether Anderson, Duchovny and Carter get a chance to keep the legend going.  All the enthusiasm in the world won’t help them convince Fox that the venture would be profitable.  Given the not-so-great performance of the last film (which was forced to compete with The Dark Knight), they might not be as eager as the cast to invest in what they could perceive as a money-pit.  So until we learn more, the rumor remains a rumor and fans shall have to cross their fingers and make sacrifices to alien gods in hopes that Fox sees the light.

So what do our fair readers think?  Is another X-Files movie a good idea, or is it time to let the franchise die?  Should they at least have the opportunity to wrap up the storyline once and for all?


Thanks to geektyrant for the heads-up.

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