We are really, really, REALLY close to the Series 7 premiere of Doctor Who. The anticipation is killing me! Honestly, it’s agonizing. Then again maybe it was that suspicious smelling sandwich I ate for lunch. Anyway, we’ve already seen the darn nifty poster for “Asylum of the Daleks” that’s been floating around some time. Y’know the one, with The Doctor, Amy, and Rory’s reflection in a Dalek’s eyestalk.

Yeah, that one.

Now in addition to that poster there’s one for every episode of the first half of Series 7. Some are silly, like “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” but really what else would expect? Others are terribly ominous like the poster for “The Angels Take Manhattan.” And then there is one I just can’t figure out what it means, “The Power of Three.” What the hell could it mean!?

Check out the new posters below and feel free to weigh with crazy speculation about they could mean.

Which episode are you most excited for?

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