I don’t know how he’s been doing it, but Guy Pearce has been on a roll lately. Lockout, Lawless, and Prometheus, he’s been in – or is going to be in – some of the most stylish films of the last few years. So when it was announced the Guy would be part of the Shane Black directed Iron Man 3 the world heaved a collective, “Okay, that’s cool”.

Crappy part of it all is that his role as Aldrich Killian, one of the main antagonists, is only be a cameo. Sucks, we know, but he spilled the beans about his minimal role himself in an interview with Vulture. Comparing his role in Iron Man 3 to that of Peter Weyland in Prometheus Pearce said:

“The main difference was that, when I did The Time Machine, I was pretty much in all of it, so it was a really grueling experience… Prometheus and Iron Man are really kind of cameo stuff, so the experience of shooting them … I mean, on some level, it’s tricky because you feel like a bit of an outsider. You don’t really live the experience that you do when you’re there all day every day with everybody. But at the same time, it can be more fun sometimes because you’re just working in concentrated spurts.”

Yeah, he brought up The Time Machine (made us throw up a little bit too), but it’s easy to see why his role will be so short.

Spoiler Alert

According to the original comic series, Killian was created in 2005 by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. Aldrich Killian is the creator of the Extremis virus alongside Maya Hansen. Killian then stole a sample of the virus to sell to domestic terrorists, but was unable to cope with he did. He later confesses for his crime by leaving a note and shoots himself.

Not sure if they go the same route in the feature film, but he’s still going to kick the bucket in some way. Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3rd, 2013.

Special thanks to IGN.

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