The sun rose and day three of Dragon Con 2012 started quietly with many a hung-over head and slow-moving-late-night-partiers. If you were lucky you might catch a few costumed walk of shames between hotel lobbies from late night hookups.

It quickly picked up though with lots of families and one day pass buyers flocking to the dealers rooms and panels. As the afternoon wore on the now recovered party people came out to start up the party machine that is Dragon Con. Believe it or not there were even more folks in costume trying to get that last night of partying in before the long weekend ended.

Take a look at the Cosplay pictures in the gallery below. There were a couple with some lighting issues, but you can still get the gist of the costume.

I had a great time cosplaying Bat-Mario and everyone seemed to get a kick out of the Mario Batstasche and the mashup of Mario and Batman. As someone who has not cosplayed much in the past, this weekend’s experiences have gotten me hooked. I’m already working on ideas for next year . . .

Dredd Mario . . . “I Amma Da Law ! ! !”

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