Warner Bros., in their quest to have all the money in the world, has grabbed up the rights to one more YA novel/potential franchise.  The book, written by newcomer Dan Krokos is called The Planet Thieves and the plot, according to WB, is as follows:

When the crew of the SS Egypt gets massacred by an alien race, Mason Stark, a thirteen-year-old cadet in the Earth Space Command, must lead his fellow cadets in a daring surprise attack to retake the ship, and recover a stolen technology that could spell the end of planet Earth.

And if that doesn’t instantly charm you, when the movie rights were being pitched to WB it was described as “Harry Potter set in space.”  Add to that the presence of David Heyman, a Harry Potter producer, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a wonderfully marketable film.  And, of course, Krokos will be writing more than one book, giving WB the opportunity to make some fabulous piles of cash should the first flick also prove to have Harry Potter’s popularity at the theater.

Though Warner Bros. may have to wait to see the outcome of their recent purchase, Krokos has already scored a huge win on this deal.  The Planet Thieves novel doesn’t even release until next May, so he’s sitting pretty without anyone even having read his finished product.  Ah, if only all writing gigs were so miraculous.


Thanks to the fine folks at geektyrant for the heads-up.

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