Should We Care that ‘G4’ May be Dying?

Variety is reporting that NBC Universal has plans to re-brand nerd-centric video game and pop culture channel G4 with an eye on an aged up, more affluent demographic in the vein of GQ. No word yet on what programming will be eschewed in favor of nightly shows on cardigan maintenance and a televised adaptation of The Robb Report, but G4 originals like X-Play and Campus PD don’t seem like they would fit in with the regatta, bad jazz, and polo crowd, but who am I to limit the breadth of their cultural interests?

There are questions about Attack of the Show as well — will it live or will it perish — but I don’t know if it matters. Hear me out, I’m a faithful watcher but who can say that there isn’t better coverage of our world on the net? Hell, even on TV Spike kicked the ever-loving crap out of G4 with both their E3 and San Diego Comic Con coverage. Oh sure, G4 has the stars and Sara Underwood, but when it comes to substance the network has been in decline, with X-Play and AOTS losing talent like Geoff Keighley, Adam Sessler, and Kevin Pereira — losses that have been replaced by little more than fluff.

Again, I’m happy that there has been a place such as G4 in the world, and I will miss it, but as we hear about it’s apparently inevitable end, I’m left grieving more for what was already lost and all the opportunities that they have missed. That network could have filled a schedule with original programs that reached out to nerd and geek culture and delivered entertaining and intelligent content 365 days a year. They could have challenged the norm and gone looking for news in places where few do or can because they lack the resources. G4 could have been a real nerd network and maybe that would have been successful or maybe they would have failed sooner — I don’t know, but I would have liked to see that G4 and it would have made for beautiful corpse.


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