Samuel L. Jackson‘s worked with some of the best in the business: Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, F. Gary Gray, George Lucas… That last one was a joke. But on the set of The Avengers, Jackson had to learn that Joss Whedon was boss and the words he put on the page are sacred. That was one of a number of nuggets pulled from a conversation between Jackson and Comic Book Movie.

“He was very hands-on and he was always incredibly focused on set. Actors like to come in, look at the script and then say, ‘I’m going to make this mine.’ So I’d start saying words and then Joss comments, ‘Wait a minute… That’s not what I wrote in the script.’ He wanted us to say exactly the same words that he wrote because that’s how these comic book characters talk. He only had to tell me once and I got it right away. He understands the language of comic books and that’s how we needed to sound.”

And understanding that language, in Jackson’s opinion, is what made the film a winner:

“Joss knows more about the comic book genre than most people, especially within this particular franchise. He has an understanding of the relationships of the characters and he understands the Marvel world. He put the story and the characters together in a very unique and wonderful way.”

Jackson also drew attention to the fact that his make-up job as Nick Fury was a little different in The Avengers as opposed to his previous appearances in Marvel films:

“At a certain point in the production, it only took the makeup team 20 minutes to put on the eye patch and scars. However, the first time it took about an hour-and-a-half because we had to go back and forth to Joss. We’d have to ask things like, ‘Is this too much? Is this not enough?’ We actually changed the scar to the comic book scar for this movie, which is something that a few people have noticed. If you look at the ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor’ movies, the scar looks like two little cat scratches. ”

The Avengers is out on DVD and Blu-ray September 25th.

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