So what’s going on in the world of super hero television and film?  Glad you asked!  We’ve got the latest news here on all the little tidbits that you need to stay updated on some of the best current super hero projects.  Read, and enjoy.

The first bits are some set photos to tease about the upcoming Thor: The Dark World.  Get a look at Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander), an army of Asgardians and their Marauder enemies and what looks to be a plethora of yurts.


Onward to Captain America: The Winter Solider.

Next is concerning the timetable of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  According to Chris Evans, it looks like shooting is ready to start in March of next year.  They’ve just about got all their primary casting done and are no doubt ready to get this thing underway.  The film itself is set for release on April 14th of 2014.


And what super hero round-up would be complete without some Man of Steel news?  It’s coming up quick, set to release on June 14th, 2013 and in the meanwhile, actress Amy Adams (who is playing Lois Lane) had some things to say about working in the new Superman reboot.

How was the experience of playing Lois Lane this summer?

Adams: It was great. It was really good. Henry [Cavill] – I hope you guys love him as Superman – worked so hard. He is just yummy and really committed to the role. He really did a good job. I haven’t seen the final cut and I have only seen a couple of the teasers. So I am with you guys. I know it because I was there but there was so much that I wasn’t involved in that I can’t wait to see.

Is there going to be humor in your interpretation of Lois Lane? We’ve seen the humorous Lois Lane in some movies and TV shows and other times she is more serious and very competitive with Clark Kent.

Adams: No, I think she is a little more…we will have to see. I don’t know. I mean, she is definitely a pistol still and she definitely gets herself in a lot of trouble still. But she is not as competitive, I would say, with Clark.

Moving on to the world of television, many are anticipating the coming of Green Arrow to the small screen.  To promote the new series, appropriately titled Arrow, the powers-that-be have managed to release a promo so we can see what it’s going to look like.   Check out the video and see what you think.

And finally, some more updates on what is (according to me) going to be one of the best films of 2013, Kick-Ass 2.  The first is a leaked photo of Olga Kurkulina all spiffed-up in her Mother Russia outfit.  I wouldn’t want to mess with that lady, that’s for damn sure.

The second is a little interview with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (courtesy MTV News), who discusses not only the upcoming film, but why he decided that he didn’t want to take on the role of Peter Parker for this year’s Amazing Spider-Man reboot.  Check out the video below to hear what he had to say.


We at Nerdbastards hope you’ve enjoyed your daily dose of super hero spam.  You leave here a little wiser, though perhaps not in ways that will help you in real life…

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