Initially, I thought Wreck-It Ralph -Disney’s video game inspired movie- would be viewed for its cameos and not the plot. And, you know what, I think that’s still going to be the case.

A new theatrical trailer for the film has just hit Yahoo Movies.  It features new footage, new jokes and more of the story. You can watch it below:

It looks fun, I’ll give it that. But, how personally moving is it watching a story about bad guy (John C. Reilly) who hops between games hoping to become a hero? That whole “change your destiny” thing is, for me, far to cliche. Eh, I guess it’s heartfelt enough to capture the attention of mass audiences. I still think, though,  that at least 60% of the people that will view this will view it for the cameos. And, that’s the danger. Video game fans will over hype it and focus on all the inside jokes and references. I think, whatever true inspirations Disney had with this, will get lost in the mix of crazed video game fans.

Maybe I’m just over thinking this. Perhaps this is finally a video game movie done right. What do you readers think?

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