Back from the Crusades… and by that we mean the Baltimore Comic-Con and a hellish server transfer, Jason and Jeremy launch into an all-new BastardCast with a renewed vigor and a resplendent infatuation with this week’s overflowing cornucopia of headlines… and would you look at all those shiny words that barely jive. Anyway, the boys discuss: the awfulness of Revolution, Arrow casting, a death in the Marvel U, the impending death of Nintendo’s Wii U, Pacific Rim in the third dimension, the Ant-Man footage you knew you’d one day see, and so much more!

Following that, Captain Corpulent and the Ginger Lantern (we’re trying it out) invite Kyle Moody aboard the S.S. Sinking Ship to discuss the college course he is teaching on video games and journalism in association with IGN before the boys kick him out and do the Dirty Nerdy Confession, and when I say “do”, I mean… well, you’ll have to listen to find out. (We don’t know where that innuendo is going honestly…)

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