My weekend plans include picking up some Cosplay crafting supplies, buying new tennis shoes, and getting my butt into a theater seat to see Karl Urban in Dredd, but even before I could get in the car to go see the movie, Dredd script writer Alex Garland is talking about the direction he would go if offered the job of writing the sequel.

 “If I got a chance to work on the sequel, and if there was a sequel (and there are a lot of variables in that). But, from my point of view, the politics is a lot of what I want to get into. There’s a lot of stuff that’s implied in the first film that you could really explore a lot more of in the second. Dredd is part of a police state, he’s a fascist. The subversives are sometimes the enemy in the comic books – there’s something really interesting about pro-democracy terrorists. Where the bad guys are the people fighting for democracy. Of course they’re not the bad guys, because you should be fighting for democracy. I would like to explore that.”

“Because at the heart, what you have [in this] story is a very, very ****ed up urban environment. In which the law and order is struggling to keep a cap on it. It’s over-stretching itself and over reaching it’s own boundaries in order to try and stay ahead of things. And that, to me, doesn’t seem to be very different to a lot of what’s happening in the here and now. I felt that it was perfectly current and the irradiated wasteland beyond the city becomes sci-fi texture rather than the heart of it.”

Would this approach work with a budding franchise that is built on violent, action oriented style that the first film is based on? It could work as a secondary storyline and should probably be a thread throughout any future sequels, but why not give the fans what they want . . .

Go ahead, ask any Judge Dredd fan what they want to see and I guarantee that 99.98% will say Dark Judges. We don’t have to forget the social commentary though. Garland can have his social commentary on the state of Dredd’s society, but have that be the secondary plot line to Dredd going up against the Dark Judges. That way we all get what we want and nobody has to get their feelings hurt. All the things that Garland wants to discover can be done while telling a thrilling action packed Dredd story. There is no need to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Dredd is in theaters now, get your ass in a theater seat!

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