Comic book fans were all in a flurry of excitement, when the tagline for Captain America 2 was announced at this years San Diego Con. Captain America: The Winter Soldier means directors Joe and Anthony Russo are tackling one of the most recognized characters and story lines from Captain America’s history. Oh, joy!

Now, any comic book fan-boy worth a damn, knows who The Winter Soldier is, and what it means to see his story come to life in the Captain sequel. But, what about the common folk… the general -non geeky- populous? These know-nothings of comic lore, are obviously confused by all their nerdy friends/ co-workers talking about the unforgiving, unmerciful, Russian assassin kicking ass in the Marvel universe. Just who is this “winter soldier” and why should they care?

Well, our friends at IGN have the hook-up. They’ve made a video detailing a comprehensive history of the Winter Soldier’s back-story and his place in the Marvel comics.

After viewing, you and your newly informed peeps will now be able to debate together on how exactly the Winter Soldier’s story is going to play out in Cap 2.

Obviously, the presumed-dead Bucky comes back to life as a super assassin, but what about all that other cooky comic history? All that Wolverine and Cap death stuff will be axed, right? The filmmakers will no doubt go in a different direction with their cinematic adaptation.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is scheduled to open April 4, 2014.

Source: IGN

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